Letters to Tony




Thanks for taking the time to return my recent e-mail. I appreciate all of

the information regarding your radio show. I will tune in...or maybe now

it's click in or download in.

I first became aware of DEEP WATER when I was attending college at Ohio

University and I used to play cuts from it all the time on my radio show

over WOUB FM in Athens. At that time I was Jazz Programming Director and I

remember getting lots of great comments regarding your album from the staff

and listeners in general. In case you don't know...it's really good! I'm

glad that I can finally pass that on to you personally now some twenty years

later. Ain't technology amazing!

I'm fortunate to own two copies of Deep Water LP #TP-1001; one of them is in

near-mint condition. The first one I bought new a long time ago at Record

Revolution in Coventry --the other more recently at a record convention.

It's funny how sometimes you can remember crazy associations like that with

certain albums. I'm afraid I just don't make the same connections with CDs;

although I have a large collection.

I'm very glad to hear that you have remained active, Tony. You are a

gifted, thought provoking composer and a skilled guitarist. Please keep me

posted when you release ESOTERIC. I'd like to get a copy and hear how

you're ideas and playing have progressed. Best wishes and once again


Cheers, Rob Winwood

Cleveland, Ohio




It's been too long since I've written. I'm the guy who tracked you down

about a year ago just to try and find Deep Water. I don't know if I ever

thanked you for your generousity, but it was a great joy to hear that music

again. The LP is in perfect shape, even after being in the shrink all

those years.

Excuse the long absence. I met a girl, got engaged, moved, starting

planning the big event, and changed teaching assignments at work. Music related

things had to take a vacation for a while. However, I'm getting back on

track. I just ordered some CDRs from a guy in Nashville. We started talking

and he mentioned being from Youngstown. I asked if he knew you.. and as

luck would have it, he was the engineer on one of your recordings. He

remembers your perfectionism and the time you taught him to read enough music

to get by in the studio. Larry Repasky, formerly of Peppermint Productions,

says hello. He is raising a family after years with BASF and Sony. Now he

runs a recording supplies company. -Real nice guy. He affectionately

called you a "****" for getting a radio show in L.A. He was very happy for


I'm about to order the new CD. I hope all is well with you on the West

Coast. If you get time to write, let me know what's new.

Mike Petri

Akron, Pennsylvania



I wish I could say that I'm a musician but, no, I'm an appreciater of good

music. Is it too late to start at 43? How I found your name and recording was

in a search yesterday on the www for info on what Patrick Moraz is doing. I've

been a fan of his music for many years and my wife and I hosted two of his CHAT

concerts in recent years. He even did a children's show for us which was a lot

of fun. I find his talent incredible and his nonconformity refreshing. Anyway,

one link pointed me to your upcoming release that apparently features Patrick. I

downloaded a few of the clips, liked what I heard, and decided to buy a copy. I

would appreciate hearing from you when it is ready. Good luck with it. If you

have an opportunity to see or talk to Patrick, tell him that Dan and Mindy from

Lititz, PA send their regards.



Dear Tony,

I was recently reading Berklee Today and noticed your article. I will be in San Francisco next week, and was wondering if your radio show can be heard there. If so, please let me know the times so that I can make sure to listen.

Thank you,

Adrian Ross

Director, Alumni Affairs

Berklee College of Music

Boston, Mass

Hello, Mr.Palkovic

Sorry for the delay. Do you still remember me? :-)

Thank you for the information about how to get ESOTERIC.

Last month, I got ESOTERIC from amazon.com.

And now, I am enjoying your guiter plays, keyboards and methods of your music style. I love cool guiters & sax tune _Latin/English_ , great keyboard work _Labor Of Love_ , technical fusion tune _Coconut_ and more...

Technical plays with melodic staff. I think the music makes a favorable impression on japanese fusion fan.

Oh, Tony, I would like to thank you. It's excellent more than my expectations!

I'm going to put your album into the shelf for my favorite discs.



Hi Tony, my name is Wladimiro, I’m italian, I live in Rome, I heard your music on your website, I think it’s fantastic and you are one of the best musician I have ever heard.

I want you say an important thing: I have a friend, his name is William Stravato, he’s a great italian guitarist, he writes for an important italian magazine specialized for guitarist called “AXE”.

If you sand me one copy of your CD, I’ll send it to my friend William, who will speak about it in one of the next number of the magazine.

Take care


Rome, Italy

Greetings. I am the senior editor of the Journal of Vaisnava Studies, an international academic journal catering to the college circuit. We are planning a special 200-page All Fusion issue, and our musicologist is interested in reviewing ESOTERIC or anything by Tony Palkovic.

Steve Rosen, Nyack, NY


The album is cooking Tony!
Kevin is a great player , you are a great guitarist and Patrick Moraz plays his best recorded work since I.

Keep the Faith

Steve Clarke (drummer for Network)

London, England



My dear Tony:

This is one of the best recordings for jazz lovers of the year (ESOTERIC).
We played the full cd last weekend and I will play it tomorrow again
alternating with some STEVE HACKETT jazzy tunes because we are presenting
HACKETT monday night live in Panama.
Again, congratulations for such a nice and beautifull music and good luck!







Hi Tony,
I received the CD late last week and certainly enjoyed what I heard. I will be featuring a track or 2 on this Monday nights program and will progressively rotate tracks over the coming weeks.

I'll direct listeners to your website for more info and details on buying the CD.

Greg Fisher
"Esoteric Circle"


ps I'll forward playlists if you like or do you monitor the JPL?
The Esoteric Circle - Three D Radio 93.7FM - Monday Nights 9:00 to 11:00pm
Adelaide's most progressive jazz programme - alternative and contemporary
Hosted by Greg Fisher and Geoff Kerruish
Visit the web page at http://fly.to/EsotericCircle


Hi Tony,

Sorry for the slowness of the reply.
Great album - in fact the Jazz man has also taken it to air.
Thanks alot.
It was the CD of the week 3 weeks ago - I gave out website details at the same time.
I'll send a playlist in due course.

Radio Pons




Thanks so much for you CD. It is an outstanding work. Congratulations!


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Elmer Gonzalez

Radio Universidad de Puerto Rico 89.7FM y 88.3FM


Hi Tony,

Got your CD in the mail a few days ago. I like it a lot.


San Francisco, CA


Hey Tony - Great album! Looking forward to the next.


Madison, Wisconsin


I found your album through the internet. I figured Kevin was still playing
drums, and I did a search that returned his name as the drummer on Esoteric.
I've listened to the sound samples, and will be ordering the CD! Very nice
I caught just a bit of your show, and I did send you the e-mail
through the station's website. I'd have listened longer, but I have an
11-month-old who will NOT allow me to sit at the computer. I have to do
such things while she's napping.
Thanks again for your help, and enjoy the holiday


Austin, Texas


surfed the net and read with great interst your web page
from the UK and as a fellow jaz lover of over 35years I wish you well
In England we have Radio 2 with humphrey littleton and radio 3 with steve voce both of which are superb

so keep up the good work in passing the message and any chance of a cassette of your show and a signed photograph
I will trade you some Kendal Mint Cake from the Lake District !!!!!!!!!
david edmondson



tony i wanted to tellyu your jazz program is awsome i listen to it when im del up inthe walnut area also inthe process of listing to it on my pc anyways im having problems finding music by victor baley among other artist could you eml me sites i could go to find them thanks again
todd urquhart


Hai Tone
Today received your CD ESOTORIC and will for sure give it airplay, fisty and good Stuff !
Thanks very much
You can follow up on JPL the playlist or on my site (and as long as you are there would appreciate an entry in my guestbook...)
And if you could recommend my program also to some blues-artists/muscians would be highly appreciated
Thanks sofar and good luck !
kind regards
Joost van Steen Host/Producer Jazz&Blues Tour with radio Rijnwoude, The Netherlands

www.jazzbluestourradio.com joost@jazzbluestourradio.com


I just wanted to say that I wish there were more people out there that appreciate jazz fusion the way you do. I live in the South Bay area and I can only get bits and pieces of you show over the Internet if I'm not busy which is rare. But I listen to it when I can. I grew up with it and will never let it go. Please keep on playing. I was in Chino on Tuesday and was disappointed to not hear your show as I was prepared to listen. I just had a chance to see that the show moved. I will make more of an effort to listen.

Thanks Again,
Barry Assadi



I just picked this up the Esoteric CD yesterday and I think it's really
cool stuff.

Eric Roy
Columbus, Ohio



Thanks for playing my CD , "Make It So," on your show again this week. Your show is helping to keep Jazz/Rock alive.

Al Garcia


Hi Tony, this is John Fronius, do you remember me? I was your neighbor living 2 doors down in Youngstown during the late 70's. I was the skinny teenager who used to mow your lawn! I was also the aspiring guitarist while in high school. Thanks to you and your playing, I was truly encouraged to keep learning and to improve. You in fact taught me my first "Chuck Berry" chord (among several other licks).

Since those days, through high school and college, I've played in 6 or so bands. I can clearly remember rehearsal sessions at your house while you were laying down tracks for "Deep Water". I still play the album regulary and consider it to be a "classic".

Now that I've found you on the 'net, I'm eager to catch up with your work over the past 20+ years. Congratulations to you on your successful career. Drop me a note back to say hello. Looking forward to hearing from you and hearing more of your music.

Best regards,
John Fronius

, OR


Hello Tony

Luv the show. I look foward to it every Weds.

You had Victor Baily on your show a few months ago and he spoke of having a new CD coming out.

Has that CD been released yet? If not do you know when it will be?

Thanks Brian.

P.S. No request needed for me. It all sounds good (smile)

West Covina, California


Hi Tony,
This is just a try.I want to know if there is any connection between us.As you can probably see from my e-mail address my name is Palkovic too.I am guitar player too.Jazz too.Isn`t it interesting?
Now I `ll write you som things about me,so you can see we are not the same person.
My name is Steve(Stefan)Palkovic and I am from Slovakia.I am now 19 years old and going to Law School (2nd year)in Bratislava,the capital of Slovakia.
I have played guitar alredy 9 years from my 10 and I had played with Jazz Band 4 years.I had to finish it last year in April because I was too busy in school.
If you are interested in this story you can write me and you can check it too that I am realy guitar player-go to :www.dixieland.sk.
Hope you are interested in knowing what`s the relation between us an I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Steve


Hi Tony,

My name's Tim Wilson - i'm a sax player from Melbourne Australia and i do a bit of playing with Eric G. Saul and Len at PBSFM have also mentioned your name and suggested that i drop you an email regarding a jazz/fusion project i am involved with called Logic?. Eric mentioned that he would be seeing you in LA over the xmas period so i have given him a cd and bio to pass on to you. I don't know if you've caught up as yet, but if you see him, hopefully he'll have it with him.
Anyway, below is a bit of background info on the band. Let me know if you have any questions, or check out the websites for more info.

Tim Wilson



Hi Tony
I researched your program and believe that the music by deluc would suite it perfectly.Deluc is an Australian based artist that dwells in the Latin,jazz,world style based around the nylon stringed Guitar which is the second release called When Two Worlds Meet.
His official web site is www.delucmusic.com for complete info.
If there is the possibility of deluc being added to your shows playlist what would be the appropriate address to send a copy to and attention it to?.
Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.
Red Cube Productions
Kate L

Hey Tony,
My name is Charlie Waymire and I am with the LA based Rock/Fusion
band EGH. We recently released our debut album titled "It's About
Time". I would like to send you a press package to be considered for
your show. If you would like more information on the band you can
visit our site at: www.eghband.com.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Best Regards,

Charlie Waymire

Hi Tony,
Have you heard the band, OHM yet? They play regularly at The Baked Potato and at Lave Lee in LA. Would love to get you a cd for airplay as well as possibly have the band guest on your show. OHM has been raved about by artists such as Frank Gambale and Eric Johnson. They start a US tour in September and watch for a feature on OHM's guitarist, Chris Poland in the issue of Guitar World that hits the stands in September.

Check out www.chrispoland.com for info and soundclips

All the Best and Hope to hear from you soon,

Steve Bauer
Rep. Chris Poland/ OHM:


Hello, my name is Janiece Jaffe. I am a jazz vocalist. I got your e-mail address from The Indie Bible. I would like to send you my newest CD, HEART'S DESIRE, for possible airplay on Tony Palkovic's Jazz Show. If you would like to check me out first and listen to a couple partial tracks from HEART'S DESIRE, you can do so thru CDBaby.com. The following make good singles: "Fever", track 4; "In Summer", track 11; and "Heart's Desire", track 13. If you would please e-mail me your NAME and ADDRESS I will send you my CD. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Truly, Janiece Jaffe


I noticed from your site that Larry Coryell was featured on one of your radio shows last year, ie interview and solo acoustic guitar pieces.
I am a huge fan of Larry and I am working on a discography of him.
I wonder if there is any way I can get hold of a copy of the show? Is it available over the internet? I confess internet radio is not something I have explored yet.

Thanks for taking the trouble to read this. I do hope you can help.

Best Wishes,
David Brown



Many Happy Returns of the day and here is wishing you and yours
a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2004!!
How are you today? I was browsing and I found your email
address, I hope you don't mind me contacting you this way.
I am a jazz freak from Jakarta, Indonesia and I have been
listening to jazz since I was a junior in high school, 45 yrs
ago! Now, Jakarta and Indonesia is actually NOT the place for
jazz, but my son is heavily into jazz piano and he wanted to
become a professional jazz musician. Do you have any inputs for me, as to how he could be successful in this business?
Currently, he is at Berklee finishing his program as a jazz
performance major next May 2004. Thanks for your attention and I look forward to receive some feedback from you on this one. Take Care and have a fantastic swinging day.
God Bless you. Keep the Music Alive!


Hello From Germany!

Rich here- I would love to know, if you ever have got Simon phillips on your Radio Show?
If yes, please let me the exact date know!

Can I hear/read of the whole interviews and might get the song list???

Hope to hear from you soon..
Best regards,

Richard, Germany.


( from rjaleman at Calpoly Pomona, CA)

I've never enjoyed listening to jazz on the radio until I found your show!  Keep up the good work.


Hi Tony

I was speaking to Len Davis of PBS 106.7 FM today and he suggested I email you.

I released a CD of my own late last year which is mostly my own material and features some of the best musicians in Melbourne, Australia (Darryn Farrugia, Lachlan Davidson, Colin Hopkins & Glen Cannon).

Len said that I should send it to you - I would be thrilled if you could play it on your jazz show.

Can you give me an address to send it to you?

Best regards

Mike Williams



Hi Tony,


I am trying to contact a very good friend of mine who it would seem you know very well.  Krys Mach.  Krys and I grew up together in the UK and I too play sax.  My name is Paul Weimar and I have recently moved to LA with my Wife and children.  I lost contact with Krys some years ago but it would be great to finally see him again after about 10 years.


If you could please pass on this message to him I would be very grateful.


I play with the band "Down to the Bone" and have a solo album out under the name "Shilts" called "See What Happens"


Thanks for your help







could you please play something off the new Jacob Fred album
"Walking With Giants"
thanks in advance,
loyal listener


Hey Tony;
I've been listening to your show for about 4 months now on my computer from my home up in San Luis Obosbo and I really enjoy it. I usually listen to Jim Hall type players, but this music you play is also great. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!



Hey Tony, I'm a big Brian Auger fan from the Trinity and Oblivion Express
days. Give Brian a big warm handshake from a boy who grew up listening to
his pioneering music.
Speaking of which, you play excellent music yourself; love your chops!
All the best.



I am in tenth grade and have to do a history day project of which the topic is communication. I have chose my topic to be jazz. I was wondering how you think jazz has affected communication in today's world and in the past.
Allison McDonald


i'm a member of a msn group concerning jazz rock and it's group is emailed about interviews with famous musicians.
well as i'm in uk, do you have a download section of recorded interviews that I can hear?





Hi Tony

Is that B Auger show available to download? I am a huge BA fan but missed it as I am at home with the flu!

Love the show and your guitar playing!

My best,




Good Morning Tony,

My husband has just released his first album ever, although having been a mucisian for over 30 years.  He is a multi-instrumentalist playing fretless bass (main instrument), guitar, keyboard.  The cd has been written, performed and published by ourselves and although Ian has been involved in music for so long, this is a completely new business for us.
His style has been called Jazz Fusion, Easy listening Rock.. challenging... so we really leave it up to you to decide upon that one.

We sent the CD off to Len Davis as we thought it might be fitting for his show.  He suggested to send one to you to and here we are.

Would you please be so kind to confirm the post address ?

We will put a cd and any info you need in the mail as soon as we get your confirmation.

Meanwhile you could have a look at the website to listen to some samples and know what to expect :
or on www.cdbaby.com/cd/ianpellow

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Chris Pellow



hello tony,

i had the pleasure of stopping at your site for a short visit and wanted to introduce our music and world to you......i'd consider it a pleasure and would be greatful if you would check us out at www.richpulin.com
my "story" plus recent photos (and some older ones too) and samples of our music, plus links with cdbaby where you can sample even more if you'd like are up there,........if after listening you'd like a copy of one of the cd's, for promotional purposes, please send us an e-mail request and we'd be happy to send it.

next week, a new cd,"always pulin for YOU", will be up on the site.
thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you!

very sincerely yours,

rich pulin


 My name is Alex Brans, I'm from toronto,canada, and I have in recently
released a 17 track jazz CD titled Clear Voyage - The Sessions. The album
has a wide range of styles and I think you would enjoy it.I would love for
you to play it, I was wondering if you could let me know who I should
contact or where I should send my CD.

Thank you

  Alex Brans



Hello Tony:
I'd like to propose my cd "Take My Time" for your playlist, featuring a heavy-hitting all-star combo (Jerry Hahn on guitar). When you have a moment, please check it out at http://www.cdbaby.com/cherylalex and let me know if I should send you a copy.
Thanks much for your time and consideration. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,




 Dear Tony,

My name is Dan Pratt, and I'm a tenor player/composer in NYC. I
heard  about your Jazz-Fusion program from the drummer in my band, Mark
Ferber, who played on your show last week with Cheryl Bailey's
He told me that he had a great time and that you've put together a
very nice prgram. Of course I was excited to get in touch with you
regarding my band's upcoming tour in October.

My band, the Dan Pratt Organ Quartet, features myself on tenor, Alan
Ferber on trombone, Jared Gold on organ, and Mark Ferber on drums.
The Ferber brothers and I are CA natives, and all four of us live and performed with Lee Konitz, Christian McBride, Charlie Hunter, Don Byron,
John Swana, Norah Jones, and the Village Vanguard Orchestra, among

We've gotten some great reviews (I've pasted some quotes below),
and people have really been loving the shows as well as our CD,
"Springloaded" (Sunny Sky).

We'll be starting our tour in LA in the first week of October. I
heard that you record your show on Monday night to air Tuesday. If
that's correct, would you be interested in doing something on Mon Oct right
at the beginning of the Southern California section of the tour?

 I would be happy to send you a press kit and CD if you are
 interested, and in the meantime you can also see the CD, hear
samples, etc, at my website at http://www.danpratt.com.

I'm really looking forward to coming out to CA, and it'll be great
if we can work something out. Hope everything is well, and I look
forward to hearing from you soon.
Take care,
Dan Pratt


I'm writings with the hope that you know my work.  But if you don't, I'm a trumpet player/composer/band leader.  My high profile gig is playing as well as singing with the Pat Metheny Group though I've released my own records over the years as a leader though, and have my own thing going (that I wish I was known for instead).  :-)  But...it's rough out there...as you're most probably aware of.

Anyway...I've just released a new record featuring Bill Frisell, Ted Poor - drums, and Stomu Takeishi.  The record is a self-release, made available via ArtistShare, so I'm doing all of the promo myself and am hoping to get some help from you by way of some air play.

Please let me know if you're interested and give me an address where I can mail the CD.

In the meantime, I've wanted to include some e-mail friendly press fodder for you to look over but couldn't attach anything so if you're interested, you could find more info on me at www.cuongvu.com

Hope to hear from you.

Best from Cuong


Hi Tony,

    Our group “Nima & Merge” which is a unique instrumental group with foundations of jazz has just released our latest studio album.  You can find out more about the project at http://mergemusic.com  as well as music samples.

If you think you might have interest in listening to this music and possible radio play, please let me know and I’d be happy to mail you a CD.

    thank you for your time.

Nima Rezai
Nima & Merge


Hello Mr. Palkovic,

Thanks for having your radio show giving air to a neglected niche.

I sent a CD to kspc's music director back in early January and didn't hear
from them, but I just discovered that your show has its own website and I
want to offer you a CD directly.

John William Gordon


I just released my independent debut CD, "John William Gordon," recorded at
Fantasy Studios in
Berkeley, CA.

My genre is mutant whacked jazz (or fusion). (Long-time engineer Dave
Wellhausen of Fantasy Studios said he hadn't heard anything like my music.)

All tracks on the CD are instrumental originals by me and played by a trio:
electric guitar, acoustic bass and drums.  

- I play electric guitar.

- Jeff Chambers of
Berkeley, CA, plays bass on 6 tracks. Chambers has played
with Billy Cobham, Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard and many other jazz
heavies, but also with MC Hammer and in his own Mahavishnu/Weather Report
cover band.

- Rick Rivera of
Boston, MA, plays drums.  He's recorded with players on
both coasts, including the avant-garde pianist Thollem Mcdonas of

- Todd Sickafoose of
Brooklyn, NY, plays bass on 3 tracks.  Sickafoose
toured as Ani Difranco's sole accompanist and has his own CDs out.


Hi Tony,

My name is Cassandra I work as an assistant to well known guitarist Greg Howe www.greghowe.com . I got your contact information from Steve Bauer (Chris Poland - OHM's Manager). I was wondering if you might be interested in having Greg appear on your radio show.

Just to brief you on what Greg is up to he just recently moved to California from the East Coast. Greg is in the process of working on a new album which will feature Stanley Clark and Dennis Chambers. He is also working on a project with Dave Weckle and Jon Reshard. He is in the process of doing an online lessons site, clinics and/or master classes in Italy and South America. He will be doing a master class in July at the National Guitar Workshop here in LA. He recently performed at Tone Merchants (high end boutique guitar and amp store) during NAMM and will be having some awesome clips from the performances. He set up shop at Tone Merchants where he has a full on studio and will also be teaching students.

Greg's last album entitled "Extraction" featuring Dennis Chambers and Victor Wooten not only was Tone Center (Shrapnel Records) biggest selling album of that year, Guitar Nine's biggest selling album of the year, but also received four stars in Down Beat Magazine.

I look forward to speaking with you.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi, I am from Japan.

I saw this information about your show on Greg Howe's Web-site

For those of you who do not live in the LA area you can also hear the show live on the Internet this Tuesday Feb. 14th from
12:00pm to 2:00pm (Pacific Standard Time) and for rebroadcast on Wednesday. 2:00pm to 4:00pm (Pacific Standard Time) at http://www.kspc.org/ - by clicking "Hear Us Online" oon the KSPC web site.
I check "Wednesday.
2:00pm to 4:00pm", but I cannot hear Greg's Guitar play.

2:00pm to 4:00pm" = Japan time Thursday 7:00am to 9:00am.

If you have another schedule rebroadcast about Greg's Live show, Please inform me.

Thank you.

Ryuichi Yamamoto mailto;Lyuichi@jttk.zaq.ne.jp


Hi Tony,
       Listening to your show for the first time on the recomendation from PBS FM here in
Thanks for a great show, its a refreshing perspective.
Its now a date.Thanks once again from


Hey Tony,
I wondered whatever happened to one of the best guitarists from the Youngstown area. Glad to see you are still giving it hell.
I always liked your guitar style, and enjoyed the LP Deep Water. Even though I chose a more mainstream rock approach, I have been a big jazz fan since seeing Return To Forever live in 1976.
Since then I purchased many jazz and new age records and CDs. Michael Hedges, although gone now, is my favorite guitar player. I have listened to his CDs more than any other. I really dig Robin Ford and John McLaughlin, also.
Anyway, I have not lived in Youngstown for over 20 years, but I play there with Poobah about once a year. We play at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame June 16,17,and 18,2006. I now hold the record for most live shows there (10).
Peace, Jim Gustafson-Poobah


I saw your email address from a Youngstown Rock & Roll

page that was forwarded to me. Often wondered where
you ended up. Good to know you are still playing.
I listened to your tracks on iTunes and they are
You were always LIGHT YEARS ahead
of everybody in Y-town. I remember hanging out at
your house and listening to these fantastic tracks
you were recording at Peppermint.

I live in West Hollywood, CA - been here for 4 years.
Moved here from Chicago - moved there from Florida -
move there from NYC. (I move a lot - LOL)
I'm still making music. Got 10 CD's out - working on
new ones.
A jazz/fusion with Andrew W.K. and Phil
and I are completing an acoustic guitar duet CD.

If you'd care to hear samples of my past noodling
scroll UP thru the discography section of -


Anyway - it's great to know you're still doing it -
you were always an inspiration to me.


Mike Pachelli

Hi Tony,
Good to talk with you recently
Check this out _WE were just yalking about those days.
Phil Keaggy

From: Jim Gustafson
Date: 6/13/2006 8:03:43 AM
To: BlueAsh@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [BlueAsh] Re: The Green and The Gates of Eden

Biggy Rat used to play the Green alot. We played with Catfish from
Detroit one night, and the members of Cactus (who had played Idora
that same evening )showed up and jammed for about an hour.Then
owner Jack Gerchak told B.Rat to get back up and finish the night.We
were terrified to follow Cactus, but nobody complained, and man was
the audience stoned !
However, what a great memory for me was the night James Cotton,Sam
Lay ,and Otis Spann were playing at the Green, and Greg Bobeck (Hard
Willow) and me (Poobah) roadied for Phil Keaggy, who sat in with these
legends of the blues. It was an amazing show, and I don't know if I
have ever seen such great playing from Phil K., as he shined that
night.I was lucky to have seen it.
Jim Gustafson-Poobah

Dear Mr. Palkovic,

Our band Hard Logic is in the vein of SpyroGyra, Rippingtons, Brecker Bros. etc. We recently headlined the Rochester International Jazz Festival on the Jazz Street Stage in front of a capacity crowd and our cd “Anytime Anywhere” is currently in rotation on jazz stations here in Rochester NY. We would like to submit our cd for your review & possible programming.

Our EPK is at www.sonicbids.com/hardlogic

Thank you very much

Greg Gilmore


I'm writing to you regarding the award-winning movie, Music is My Life, Politics My Mistress: The Story of Oscar Brown, Jr.  It's being featured in
West Los Angeles on August 24-26 & 27-30 at LA Landmark Westside Pavilion Cinemas (located at 10800 Pico Boulevard & Overland Avenue).

This jazzy, high-energy film features rare interviews and live performances by singer/poet/playwright/activist Oscar Brown, Jr.  Singer Al Jarreau and Abbey Lincoln are among the all-star cast. Director Donnie L. Betts will be in
West Los Angeles to conduct Q&A sessions following the special film screenings.

Mr. Betts would be honored to do an interview with your station regarding the movie.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

For more info., visit: www.musicismylife.info or www.landmarktheatres.com.

Kay Waggoner
Waggoner & Associates -
Nashville, TN


hi Tony, awhile back you had a show on interviewing Phil Keaggy. he's a fave of mine, and I found out too late to listen "live" . do you have an archive of this show available, and if so, where or how do we access it ?
- Thanks so much, BoB



I'm Tom Grose from Atlanta. I got your contact info from The Indie Bible. I've released two jazz/progressive/rock/fusion albums (jetsam and At Bay) which are receiving a good amount of airplay on XM 72 Beyond Jazz (I made their Top 20 this month), Jazz Station in Brussels, Jazz Pulse, Attention Span Radio 1 (broadband), Attention Span Radio 1 (dialup), Instrumental Pavilion and Gagliarchives Radio out of Philadelphia (two FM stations...I debuted at #11 this week).

I handle my own promo and publicity, I am an independent entity and samples of my work can be heard here:


You can listen to 4 songs in their entirety here:


You can read a review here:


If you think my music might be compatable with your playlist I'd be highly honored to send you copies of my CDs.

Thanks for your time and Best from Atlanta, TG

Tom Grose
((Tom Grose Music))


Hi Tony - I saw your post in yesterday's Atlanta Jazz Forum. If you are
interested in receiving a promo copy of guitarist Cooper Tisdale's
latest release, Cooper Tisdale & Friends Live in Atlanta (JAM-0627-CD),
on our Jammates Label, we'll gladly get you one out. For your quick
review, I've embedded a "media link" where you can listen to some or
all of the tracks to get a sense of how it might fit into your format.

Please let me know your interest level and reply with your mailing
information. Thanks in advance, and BTW, we appreciate everything you
do to promote and play great music!



Pat Patten


Dear Tony,

We are a respected South African based record company with a focus on quality music of all kinds, but it is
especially in the Jazz and World arenas that the label has built up its impressive artist stable
and a reputation as a label of quality and integrity. We humbly request you to have a listen to some of the
gems we have on offer and let us know if it does or doesnt work for you personally or your station's format.

What we'd like to do is send you an email about each artist below with links to tracks we feel strongly about
for you to have a listen to and, should you want to give it airplay, download high rez MP3's. If you prefer
a physical copy, we can certainly arrange that. Any profile that can be given to these amazing artists would
be of great value and highly appreciated! Note that we have much more on offer from our stable, but here are
some short introductions to a few profiled artists who's product is freely available in the US marketplace
through our distributor RYKO (tours in support are in the planning phases for 2007):

Zim Ngqawana Vadzimu - A nu generation multi-instrumentalist with a fresh look at South Africa's jazz and
traditional music. 4th album, with the best of nu SA talent, imbued with SA's folk and rural
traditions, bop, funk, Indian and western classical music, the avant-garde, tango, son and samba - strongly
percussive and highly danceable! 5 time SAMA (South African Music Award) winner. Widely traveled: The future
of South African Jazz is in good hands Downbeat mag 2005.

See http://www.myspace.com/zimology

Louis Mhlanga World Traveller - The ultimate album from "Africa's bbest kept secret", pooling his abundant
talents on guitar and featuring guests the likes of Orchestra Baobab, Ernest Ranglin, Oliver Mtukudzi,
Habib Koité, Busi Mhlongo and Chiwoniso Maraire, testimony to his amazing talents. "A showcase for Louis Mhlanga and his accomplished musicians to perform their very enjoyable Zimbabwean jazz fusion / world music." - Songlines
See http://www.myspace.com/louismhlanga

Bheki Mseleku Best Of South African multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, Bheki Mseleku, known
primarily as a pianist, also plays tenor and alto sax (with some guitar and vocal). This collection draws
from releases spanning his entire career and features amazing backing personnel from the world over. As an
exile during Apartheid Bheki lived abroad and has toured extensively, a self-proclaimed wanderer of the
earth. An interesting man with amazing talent, profile and credibility.

Many thanks for your time and consideration in this regard. Please feel free to contact me with comments
or queries. We need to hear from you and would appreciate all support you can assist us with towards promoting
these deserving artists.

Kind Regards,

Richard Woodin & Rudolf Meerkotter
Sheer Sound CC

Postal: P.O. Box 3128, Parklands, 2121, South Africa
Physical: 356 Oak Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194, Johannesburg, South Africa




Hello Tony,

I just heard about your show today and found your myspace page...excellent music!

It sounds like you might really like the music on my band's new release, Relations.

May I send you a copy?

Thanks so much,
saxophonist - Times 4


G'day Tony, I am streaming your show @ work in Melbourne Australia. Last night I was listening to your freinds Len Davis & Roy Johnston @ 3PBS radio, thanks for the great radio.
yours sincerely,
David Newcombe


hey tony, i caught your show yesterday (may 8,2007), realy refreshing,you played an artist at 1:00 pm with a kind of hendrix vibe, could you give me the name of the artist or group.


Tony-Hello! My name is Ralph Rosen and I'm an active drummer-jazz
composer-teacher in the Boston, Ma. area. I also manage the Media Center
at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

I've just released my second cd entitled "No Secrets" on my own label. It
showcases my own compostions and arrangements as well as some of the most
prominent players in the area and the world, for that matter.

I feature George Garzone-Saxophone, Bruce Katz-Organ, Greg Hopkins-Trumpet
and Jon Damian-guitar. I'm confident that this new release will be a
worthy addition to your collection as it's a re-interpretation of the
traditional "jazz organ combo" which is to say that it sounds nothing like

I'm sending you a copy along with a 1-sheet for airplay, review, comments,
etc. I wish to be respectful of any submission guidelines so if I've done
something wrong please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Ralph Rosen


Hi Tony,

My new album Music For Television is set for release on June 22. I'll get a copy to you very soon.

In '06, my concurrent releases jetsam and At Bay received extensive airplay on Jazz Fusion, Jam Band and Progressive Rock stations and shows all over the world, reaching the Top 10 on XM 72 Beyond Jazz and making the Top 20 at Jazz FM in London, the largest privately-owned over-the-air jazz radio station in the U.K.

Several cuts from both albums were reported to the Jambands.com radio charts, having been featured prominently on several reporting shows and stations, notably Doc Sigmier's “Sonic Gumbo” at KHEN, Sean Miller's "Jazz Pulse" at WBCX, Ben Runnels' “Jam N Toast” at WEQX , James Mullins' "Stumble In The Dark" at KDHX, Mark Mayhal's “Ear Candy For The Mind” and “Wildman” Steve Bronson's station, WQNR in Auburn, AL.

These records made several Progressive Rock Radio charts and were featured prominently on a number of Progressive Rock radio stations and shows, including The Gagliarchives (where jetsam reached the Top 10), Afterglow, The Canvas Prog Hour, TheDividingLine.com and ProgRockRadio.com.

The album will be available for promotional giveaways and I can do interviews at your leisure. Please feel free to contact me using the info just below.

Thanks for your consideration, and I hope you're having a great '07...Best, TG

Tom Grose

((Tom Grose Music))


Hello Tony ,

My name is Jacques PELLARIN.

I'm a french composer and performer and i'm pleased to inform you about my website www.jacquespellarin.com



Thank you for your attention and maybe your visit !

Best regards from France

My american publisher is Global grafitti music ( California )


Your music is great ..I found a lot of great bands from you....thanks for introducing Steve Weingart to me ...take care  Tony



My friend Sheryl Bailey suggested I should contact you about my cd " The Lost Tapes of Finnish Jazz". I would like to send it to you. Would you kindly, if you are interested, send your address and I mail it to you.Thanks!
I will be in New York from 21st October till 31st and if you wanna do an interwiew we can do it over the phone.
Check my website for rewiews and little samples of the music. www.ilkkarantamaki.com

Ilkka Rantamäki


Hi Tony,

Ray the ex Frank Zappa member informed me of your show and thought you might be interested in my music. I am a jazz guitarist/composer, a berklee grad, and grew up in Claremont. You can check out my music on my myspace page.





I was wondering how and where I can send music for airplay consideration for
your show? I mainly work with Fusion artists from around the world, but based
in LA. Also, would be nice to see the band play out more a bit too. :)

Thank you for your help.

Stefanee Freedman
Promotions Director


hey Tony, love the show, may I request anything with Holdsworth and Husband for my 7th grade Accelerated Reader class reading and studying right now- I would like to raise their IQ points just a notch.
Thank You for the great show

Mr. A at Citrus Hills Intermediate School Corona CA


Dear Tony,
An intense musical year is just finished...

With MTM (Martina/Torres/Manassero) I've performed in many places of Argentina (Rosario, Corral de Bustos, Buenos Aires, Miramar), beginning at the International Miramar Jazz Festival in January and finishing at the XI International Rosario Jazz Festival in October/November; sharing with many great local and international guests: H.Greene (USA),
G.Haslam and R.Jones (UK),A.Demogli,P.Satek,A.Santos and E.Maxera cuarteto (Argentina).
I was invited to the International Toledo Jazz Festival 2007(Spain) in August and to the International Java Jazz Festival 2008 in March as well...

In April/May "Urban beyond", the new AsiaBeat Project recording by Lewis Pragasam was released. It was in the works for about a year or so.The recordings were done in different locations around the world and they featured many musicians/artists from Vietnam, Australia, Argentina, India, China, Singapore, France, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

At this moment we´re producing my new project "Luna rosarina" to be released next year, with great guest musicians involved: J.Lorber,M.Parmisano,J.Morelli,L.Pragasam,G.Luciani,G.Vargas,I.Tarabelli,G.Torres,O.Manassero.

On my official website you can find more information, festival pics, dates of next shows and news.
Happy Musical 2008 to all...


* New interview by Dirk Laukens at Jazz Guitar


       Hello ,  

My name is Jacques PELLARIN.

I'm a french composer and performer and i'm pleased to inform you about my website .www.jacquespellarin.com

Thank you for your attention and maybe your visit !

Best regards from France



Is there some way to access any of your previous radio interviews?  Would like to hear Kevin Eubanks, Stanley Jordan, Strunz and Farah.




Burbank, Calif.


'Enjoyed the Don Randi interview this morning.

Does KSPC archive these interviews for


Thanks, D.I. Nielsen



I'm Bram Stadhouders from The Netherlands. I use synthesizers and laptop, improvisation and composition to create new ambient - jazz music. For my latest CD "Enderra" I played together with a drummer.

I thought you might be interested in Enderra for your radio station. I think it would suit your interests.

You can get a first impression here:


If you would like me to send a copy by mail, just let me know!

Thanks for your time and attention.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best

Bram Stadhouders



Dear Tony - Starting on September 16, KCET will air the new season of the Latino

documentary series VOCES, curated by Latino Public Broadcasting.  This seasons's

highlights include the kickoff episode CELIA THE QUEEN, about the legendary

singer Celia Cruz and TITO PUENTE: THE KING OF LATIN MUSIC.  A complete listing

with dates and times follows. 


Both filmmakers are available for interviews. 




Mary Lugo



Hello Tony,



My name is Joel Vanderheyden and I am a jazz saxophonist with experience living

and playing in Chicago, Washington D.C., Minneapolis and Iowa City, and at

venues such as Blues Alley, Carnegie Hall, the Montreux Jazz Festival, The

Dakota, The Artists' Quarter, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and

the Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts.  I just released my debut

album titled Complete Life on the Mize Music label, featuring a blend of

progressive jazz, rock and electronic music with sounds that range from Michael

Brecker to Radiohead and from Monk to Beck. 




Complete Life was recently named the "Featured CD of the Month" for August 2009

on KCCK 88.3FM in Cedar Rapids, and Program Director Bob Stewart had this to say

about the album: "Joel.I'm very impressed with your writing.  It's very fresh

and exciting.  Hope to hear more from you in the future!  We've added your new

CD to our rotation and will be playing it a lot over the next few months."




I'm sending you this with the hope that you will give my music a listen, and

support an up-and-coming artist with a unique voice.  Please visit my website

www.joelvanderheyden.com for sound samples, extended bio and press kit, and let

me know if you would like me to send you a promo copy.  Thank you!










Hi Tony,

I'm a big fan of your show. I have a new CD ("Adamantine") and would like to

send you a copy for consideration.


Is that cool, and where should I mail it, please?



(Bill Forth)


Dear Tony,


over the last few months, you should have received four critically acclaimed albums from Chicago Sessions: Larry Gray's "1, 2, 3...", Paulinho Garcia's "My Very Life", Grammy-winner Howard Levy's "Tonight and Tomorrow" (which just received 4 stars from Downbeat), and Aaron Koppel Quartet's "Falling Together Falling Apart".


Please let me know if these discs are finding a home on your station, and if you would like to continue receiving them.


The next disc I would be sending you is Zvonimir Tot's "Eloquent Silence", a journey through many styles of jazz with Larry Gray (Ramsey Lewis Trio) on bass, Ernie Adams (Al DiMeola Electric Band) on drums, and guest appearances by Orbert Davis (Chicago Jazz Philharmonic), Mark Colby, Julie Koidin, and violin prodigy Stefan Milenkovich.




Thank you!


Nick Eipers


Recording Engineer / Producer






Hi Tony.


I have started a facebook group called "Jazz Rock Fusion" there are currently close on 1500 members including some well known people (Chic Corea, Dean Brown, .....)

if you wouldn't mind please can you join and promote your radio show on there also give a mention of my group on yor web page, there seems to be a big following and hopefully together we can improve peoples lives.......(tongue in cheeck)


BTW I reside in the uk.







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